Growing up, Allen King competed and placed on swim teams.  Later he would transition into playing water polo with Santa Monica High School.

At the age of 8, Allen began intensively studying different styles of martial arts.  He began teaching the art of Shaolin Kempo at the age of 13 in Brentwood, California. This is where his joy of teaching and helping people was discovered. It also uncovered his natural ability to communicate and coach kids, teens, and adults effectively despite his young age.

Allen quickly acquired the passion and skill-set for the sport of surfing.  He began to transition his knowledge of teaching martial arts to kids, teens, and adults into surfing instruction in Los Angeles. As he studied business, finance, and entrepreneurship he began working for several surf schools part-time. This experience led to his own surfing company, through which he endeavors to convey a passion for the sport, helping people, and a deep respect for the natural environment.


What is it about surfing that inspires?  This may be different for every person. The dynamism of water moving in its natural environment has always touched my soul. The unfathomable sport of being able to connect with water and synergism together in a momentary ride feels divine to me.

How many years have you been surfing for?  I’ve been surfing for 23+ years, and originally learned to surf on Oahu in Waikiki, Honolulu.

Favorite Surfing Spots?  I prefer local surf breaks that are not crowded, secret surfing spots, and locations off the beaten path.

What’s a cool surf memory?  One of my favorite surf sessions was at Breakwater (Venice Beach, California). It was about 4 to 5 foot with an occasional bigger set. There was about thirty people out by the rock jetty, where I was waiting patiently on the outside. I managed to catch one of the set waves, the kind you wait for all day, and… then I get dropped in on and cut-off by… two big dolphins! I watched them carve up and down the wave in front of me effortlessly as I shared the wave with them. This was a moment and feeling that I’ll never forget.

What does the Aloha Spirit mean to you? For me the aloha spirit means that there are plenty of waves for everyone to share. It also means that one should bring positive vibes onto the beach and into the water.

Why do you love teaching surfing?  The proverb about giving a fish versus teaching a person to fish always comes to mind for me. The differences between happiness, purpose and joy is another point of reflection for me. Helping people has always been a joy for me, and it’s become my purpose in life. I believe mentoring and teaching has a deep impact and is extremely fulfilling.

Why is surfing special to you?  Surfing brings me unparalleled joy, because it feels like I’m flying on water. It also continues to challenge me physically and mentally. Its changing conditions and my daily circumstances forces me to increase my level of presence and attention to the moment.

Why is Aqua Surf a great place for someone to learn?  The instructors are carefully hired and trained with systematic teaching methods and philosophies. The teachers at Aqua Surf are positive role-models and live by example. We have become a tribe that values excellence and strives to have a healthy impact with each and every student. Most importantly, our school stresses the value of proper instruction at a specific rate of progression that aims to increase enjoyment and safety.

Aqua Surf School CEO Allen King Best Surf camp in Santa Monica
Aqua Surf School CEO Allen King Best Surf camp in Santa Monica
Aqua Surf School CEO Allen King Best Surf camp in Los Angeles
Aqua Surf School CEO Allen King Best Surf camp in Santa Monica