Surf Lessons in Malibu Beach

Equipment (surfboard & wetsuit) rentals, and all other fees are already included in costs below:

Enjoy Southern California’s #1 Surfing Experience


Sunset Beach

Although this beach may seem intimidating because of the rock jetty that covers the point, its a gentle wave and the perfect spot for beginners. Sunset Beach is located right next to Gladstones, a famous beach front restaurant. The point is right where Sunset Blvd. hits Pacific Coast Highway. For those looking for a surf lesson in Malibu, but still wanting to stay close to the city, Sunset Beach is a great option.

Located just past the Northern End of the Santa Monica Bike Path, Sunset Beach is easily accessible (even bikable!) for those staying in the Santa Monica.  It’s a great place to meet other beginners and to hone your skills on longer and gentler waves.  Working best on low tide, Sunset Beach can offer a lot of opportunities for beginners.

Zuma Beach

On the Northern End of Malibu, Zuma Beach is a wide, long, sandy beach.  With waves catering to both beginners and highly advanced students, Zuma is a popular beach for surfing because it offers so many different breaks and a spread out surfing environment.

Take a day and drive up Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu, and escape the rush of LA city life.  Have  your lesson at Zuma Beach and then do a nature walk around Point Dume, grab a bite of food at Trancas, or keep exploring up the coast!  It’s a beautiful beach, so laying out and catching some rays is also a great way to spend the afternoon!

Surfrider Beach

Come take a lesson at the epicenter of surf culture, Surfrider Beach.  Located next to the Malibu Pier, Surfrider Beach is home to a world famous point break that was the inspiration for the movie Gidget, which is responsible for popularizing surf culture.  With three different points making up the break and a rolling wave that can go forever, it’s a beautiful place to surf.

The beach-culture at First Point, Malibu, is certainly unique.  With upwards of ten people deciding to share waves at once, and several pop-culture icons, world renowned musicians, actors, and professional surfers being in that mix, it can definitely be a summertime scene- but it’s one that’s timeless and treasured.  Because of the crowds in the lineup and rocky bottom, lessons at Malibu may be better suited for students with a little bit of experience who are looking to hone their skills on the long waves.

Removed from the city, Surfrider Beach offers great waves and an escape from the hustle and bustle. Enjoy the beach scene during your surf lesson and then have lunch on the pier or walk up to the Country Mart, a favorite place to spot celebrities, get a smoothie or window shop.