Surf Lessons in San Clemente

San Clemente

Known for its consistent surf spots, San Clemente is another of Orange County’s real-deal surf towns.  Our lessons are usually taught at T Street, a spot just south of the San Clemente pier, however, both beach breaks and rock-reef breaks can be found in San Clemente.  With waves for beginners and professional surfers alike, having a good surf session in San Clemente is almost a guarantee.

Take a lesson, and find out why San Clemente is considered the “home” of so many word class surfers.  This is a great place to get a peek into the real world of Orange County surfing.  With warm, clear water, and fun, peaky waves, San Clemente is an awesome place to learn to surf.

San Onofre

One of the top five most-visited state parks in California, San Onofre is a historical and world renowned break that offers some of the most fun waves in California. A series of reef breaks produce mellow, peaky, waves that are perfect for beginners and longboarders of all skill levels.  Drive your car right up onto the sand, tailgate, surf, and spend the whole day with your family enjoying the sun.  Trestles, a world class break is just up the beach, and is a great place to watch professional and advanced surfers practice airs and other maneuvers.

Tucked in the Camp Pendleton reserve area, San Onofre is one of the rare parts of the California coastline that’s surrounded by nature, and not bombarded with houses, hotels, or infrastructure.  This makes San Onofre a great place to go nature watching and potentially see dolphins, whales, birds, and other wildlife.

Doheny Beach

World famous Doheny Beach is the perfect place to learn to surf.  Mentioned in the beach boys song “Surfin’ USA,” Doheny is filled with surfers of all levels and abilities.  With a protected spot off of a jetty and a more advanced beach break down the way, catching waves at Doheny will give you the chance to hone your abilities.

Located in Dana Point, California, Doheny is a wide sandy beach that bustles in the summer months.  With regular concerts held on the sand and a welcoming small town community, Doheny is a great place to spend an afternoon.  The warm water and gentle waves will get you hooked on surfing and make you come back again and again.