Aqua Surf is a multifaceted brand, pioneering in surfing education, summer camps, and corporate team-building.  We’re regularly looking for new dynamic team members to join our close-knit culture.

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Surf Instructor

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Liaison of Happiness

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Beach & Surf Crew
Truly respect and honor the privilege of teaching surfing.  Our goal and responsibility is to make surfing safe, fun and unforgettable for everyone.

Support Staff
Come to work excited to help others.  We pride ourselves on making people happy, and providing world-class products and services.  Aqua Surf’s family-style environment provides a strong support system and makes work enjoyable.


Our company culture naturally cultivates opportunities to learn and teach valuable life lessons, which fosters growth and development (both professionally and personally).  By giving back and working with outside charities and internally supporting/mentoring our community we produce a ripple effect of positive change.

Our team is extremely passionate about what we do
— work feels like play!

Aqua Surf School Values

How Aqua Surf School Stands Apart:

We’ve all heard the expression work hard, play hard, but here at Aqua Surf School, we believe in working hard as you play hard. We mean that, unlike other institutions, Aqua Surf School is first and foremost a surf school. We emphasize education so that all of our students come away with a newfound understanding and respect for the ocean and the sport of surfing.

The staff at Aqua Surf School is always trying to be ahead of the wave. Constantly innovating and improving, our team evolves our curriculum so that it’s always in sync with the latest surf trends and ideologies. Plus, they LOVE sharing the stoke with their students.

Each of our instructors undergoes a rigorous training program. After demonstrating their surf skills and mastery, instructors participate in this 3-month training program. By being incredibly selective with our hiring process, we can maximize our students’ success and their learning experience with some of the best instructors in the world!

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