Dyan is currently the Aqua Surf Beach Captain and Chief Operating Officer. Born and raised in San Pedro, California, he has been surfing for over 20 years. Dylan has devoted himself to teaching ocean love, water safety and mentoring the next generation of ocean enthusiasts. He is an Open Water Lifeguard, passionate Spear Fisherman and has competed for the UCSD Surf Team, which placed 1st in the NSSA Nationals. After summer ends, he spends winters working with Swimdo, a non-profit drowning prevention program in Indonesia. He loves being both a “scholar and a shredder,” and still pursues both vocations.

What’s a cool surf story you share with your family?
On a recent trip to Indonesia, I was surfing with only my close friends, and we had incredible waves all to ourselves. There was a bright orange sunset and I got the most perfect barrel. It had an orange light reflecting off the wave, and inside the tube was lit bright orange. I came out and all my friends were yelling and cheering me on — it was truly magical.

What does the Aloha Spirit mean to you?
To me, the Aloha Spirit means you’re at the beach, you’re relaxed, you’re with great people and there is nothing that can mess that up. It’s that simple.

Why do you love teaching surfing?
I love teaching surf lessons and surf camps, because I get to share something that’s empowered my life, brought me close to friends, given me beautiful experiences, and taken me to beautiful places around the world.

Why is surfing special to you?
It’s a part of my life that just keeps on giving! When I got my first wave, and felt the exhilaration, I felt like I had discovered flying. Now, surfing not only challenges me as an athlete, but it also has become a way for me to see the world and experience different cultures: from Canada to Indonesia. I’ve been fortunate enough to connect deeply with nature through surfing. I feel so blessed to experience the wonders of the natural world as I’ve had the privilege to surf with dolphins, whales, otters, and eagles during sunrises, sunsets, and under the full moon. Most importantly, surfing has led me to my greatest friends who also share the same passion for the sea and the adventures it takes us on.

Why is Aqua Surf a great place for someone to learn?
You’ll love learning at Aqua Surf, because we’re stoked and we care. We’ll show you the way to enjoy the ocean and you’ll come out surfing like a champ. There’s no better place to learn.

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Aqua Surf School Instructor Best Surf camp in Los Angeles
Aqua Surf School Instructor Best Surf camp in Santa Monica