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From 2019 to 2022, Aqua Surf hosted diverse children and adults of Los Angeles who have never experienced the ocean with local non-profit organizations Surfrider Foundation Los Angeles. Los Courage Camps, INTRSXN, Color The Water, and LAPD Cadets.

The events bring families from East Los Angeles communities to the beach for free surfing lessons and introductory ocean safety education. Students represent demographics that are primarily from underserved or underrepresented communities, which historically have had little cultural access to beach recreation.

Aquasurf School & Surfrider Foundation LA

Giving Back

An annual charitable collaboration that champions environmental education, surf instruction, and a healthy sense of community for inner-city kids.

Aqua Surf, LAPD, and SurfriderLA teamed up to help, inspire, and teach hundreds of under-served kids every year by championing environmental education, surfing instruction, and a healthy sense of community to over 300 Inner-City kids annually (throughout the summertime) via surfing.


Graham Hamilton
Surfrider Foundation Los Angeles, Coordinator

In my capacity as the Surfrider Los Angeles Chapter Manager, I have worked with Dylan Sohngen and the Aqua Surf team for around two years now to make our local One Watershed Program happen, which focuses on providing free surf lessons to youth that have been historically underrepresented.

Throughout my two years collaborating with them, Dylan and the Aqua Surf staff have been extremely professional, have facilitated safe instruction for the many communities we serve, and bring an uplifting and positive energy to Los Angeles that is felt by beachgoers and the entire community. Aqua Surf is a pivotal part of our One Watershed Program due to providing surf instructors, surfboards and wetsuits for people who may otherwise not have the means or opportunity to enjoy the beach through surfing.

In sum, it makes a huge difference for Surfrider to have kind, dependable, diligent and organized partners like Aqua Surf and I couldn’t speak more highly of the work they do.

-Newara Brosnan-Faltas SFLA Chapter Manager

Newara Brosnan-Faltas
Surfrider Foundation Los Angeles, Chapter Manager

On behalf of the Surfrider Foundation Los Angeles chapter (SFLA), I am reaching out today with a letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr Allen King. Allen and I met earlier this year when I was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with his company, Aqua Surf School, on a community-building surf education program for at-risk youth.

Over the six-month program, SFLA and Aqua Surf brought more than 300 kids from some of LA’s most underserved communities to their local beach for surfing lessons, fun in the sun, and conversations in community watershed conservation.

Under Allen’s leadership, the Aqua Surf instructors were perfectly professional in every way. Each week they provided all the necessary equipment and instruction for our youth participants, allowing SFLA to focus solely on the educational component of the program. They prioritized safety and emphasized fun, treating our youth participants with respect, generosity, and encouragement.

It was an honor to bring this work to life with Allen and his incredible team of surf instructors, and we look forward to building on this partnership for many years to come.

-Graham Hamilton Surfrider Foundation Los Angeles Coordinator

About Aquasurf School

AQUA SURF School’s mission is to educate, inspire, lead, and empower people to a greater sense of awareness, knowledge, health, and eco-responsibility through surfing.

AQUA SURF provides surfing instruction services throughout Southern California (from Malibu to San Diego). We have developed a systematic way of teaching students, training instructors, and running operations to share amazing surf sessions with our local community and visitors from around the world. As the demand for surfing continues to grow, we advance our innovations, dynamic methods, and company practices to ensure a positive, safe, and rewarding experience for everyone.

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Allen quickly acquired the passion and skill-set for the sport of surfing.  He began to transition his knowledge of teaching martial arts to kids, teens, and adults into surfing instruction in Los Angeles. As he studied business, finance, and entrepreneurship he began working for several surf schools part-time. This experience led to his own surfing company, through which he endeavors to convey a passion for the sport, helping people, and a deep respect for the natural environment.

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Dyan is currently the Aqua Surf Beach Captain and Chief Operating Officer. Born and raised in San Pedro, California, he has been surfing for over 20 years. Dylan has devoted himself to teaching ocean love, water safety and mentoring the next generation of ocean enthusiasts. He is an Open Water Lifeguard, passionate Spear Fisherman and has competed for the UCSD Surf Team, which placed 1st in the NSSA Nationals. After summer ends, he spends winters working with Swimdo, a non-profit drowning prevention program in Indonesia. He loves being both a “scholar and a shredder,” and still pursues both vocations.

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