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When you think of surfing, what’s the first image that comes to mind?  It’s probably big waves, VW Buses, gorgeous beaches and “surfer dudes” with blonde wavy hair.  No thanks to Hollywood, most people imagine “surfer dudes,” as super laid back, without a care in the world, and constantly saying “tubular” or “radical”.

Yes, surfers have an ease about them, but that doesn’t mean they’re irresponsible, or less involved in life.  Surfers, and the industry as a whole, has evolved from typical clichés into a respected sport and multi-billion dollar industry.

Everyone from CEOs, famous actors, accountants, artists, moms and dads, real estate brokers, and elementary to university students have found a place in the lineup.  Occasionally there’s a blonde surfer dude saying “gnarly brah” way too often who reinforces old stereotypes.  Nonetheless, people coming from all walks of life to appreciate the beauty of the ocean, become one with it and with one another, is the reality of our epoch.

Surfing and the surfer’s style is contagious for a reason. It enhances life in a way you never knew possible.  It helps people unwind, tune in and recalibrate with nature.  Surfing allows people to get physically fit while smiling from ear to ear, meditate, breathe deeply, and meet new friends.  It may be difficult achieving a healthy balance amidst a big city or difficult career.  Surfing empowers work-life balance, unlike any sport or activity we’ve seen.  A surfing session usually ruminates in one’s mind effortlessly.  This creates a relaxed vibrancy even if you change from your wetsuit into a suit and tie, or high heels, so you can make it work on Monday morning.

Surfing feeds and nurtures people.  It is a way to bring balance, fun, and the beach into your everyday life.  So, the next time you’re planning a beach day, and you want to do more than soak up the sun, take a surf lesson.  It might just be a one-time thing, or it could just positively change your whole life.

Aqua Surf Surfing Dude
Aqua Surf Surfer Chick