Our surf packages help students create a solid foundation to start surfing on their own. Aqua Surf instructors custom tailor lessons to meet each student’s ability level. This creates the safest and best learning experience. Surf packages save money and time for students.

By purchasing a package, you are making a commitment to learning and “surfing the correct way”. Interacting on land and in the water with an experienced and professional surf instructor are the most important factors during the learning process. A surf package will help you achieve surfing success. In this busy world, we all need time to relax and catch a few waves. Our private surf lessons make it easy. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced surfer our instructors will help you learn the skills you need to take your surfing to the next level. Make a commitment, take a couple surf lessons every week and enjoy the ride.

Lessons are one hour and thirty minutes in duration. Equipment (surf boards & wetsuits) rental costs are included.

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Surf Lessons - Aqua Surf School

Intro Package

3 Lessons

This includes three private surfing lessons where you will receive a rapid introduction to the basics. You will learn elementary skills such as paddling and pop-up, maintaining balance on the surf board and important safety techniques.

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Venice Beach Surf Lessons - Aqua Surf School

Star Package

6 Lessons

This includes six private surf lessons plus more time to develop intermediate surfing skills. You will learn proper etiquette, how to ride the glassy part of a wave, turning techniques and additional fundamental surfing tools. You will experience the surfing lifestyle and gain an understanding of surfing philosophy.

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Malibu Surf Lessons - Aqua Surf School

VIP Package

9 Lessons

This includes nine private surfing lessons and pro-insider surf information on advanced techniques such as paddling, catching waves smoothly, turning, timing and popping up. We can also arrange more exclusive trips to intermediate locations. Master the experience of surfing, and lay the ground work for yourself to catch waves for the rest of your life!

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Surfboard & Wetsuit Rentals Included (90 minutes Per Lesson)