Our mission is to educate, inspire, lead, and empower people to a greater sense of awareness, knowledge, health, and eco-responsibility through our surfing schools.

The Aqua Surf School initiative began in 1997 with a goal of sharing the gift of surfing in a safe, fun, and professional way for everyone to enjoy. Headquartered in Santa Monica, Aqua Surf provides surfing instruction services throughout Southern California with our surf schools, camps and lessons. We have developed a systematic way of teaching students, training instructors, and running operations to share amazing surf lessons with our local community and visitors from around the world. As the culture and demand of surfing continues to grow, we advance our innovations, dynamic methods and company practices to ensure a positive and rewarding experience for everyone.

About - Aqua Surf School


Safety first! Both on the beach and in the water

Honor surfing history and culture

Correct surfing technique

The power of positive surfing and thinking

Appropriate surf etiquette

Instill self-confidence

Understand environmental conditions

Support progress (at every level) in each student

Interpret wave timing, tide charts, and swell reports

Have fun and create memories that will last a lifetime

Encourage ecological conservation

Giving Back!

Integral to the DNA of Aqua Surf’s company culture, is it’s various charitable endeavors. Our core values and goals create quality surf instruction and environmental awareness throughout the world with corporate team building events, surf lessons, and summer camps. In raising awareness, building community, positive experiences and friendships we make the world a better place.

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