Best Summer Camp: Student to Instructor Ratios


Dear parents, we know you worry about your kids and teens during camp!  You want to make sure they are being safe, wearing sunscreen, eating lunch, staying warm, having fun.  So do we.

Learning to surf is challenging and we realize how important safety is for everyone in and out of the water.  At Aqua Surf, we have learned the best way we can ensure a well-rounded safe and enjoyable experience for our students is to provide an exceptional student to teacher ratio.

*The example below illustrates Aqua Surf ratios compared to similar summer camps.

Our Ratios - Aqua Surf School
Our Ratios - Aqua Surf School

We pride ourselves on having the lowest student to instructor ratio in the area — a remarkable three to one (3:1).  We modify ratios depending on surf conditions, safety, maturity, and experience of the group.  For example, we have had two to one (2:1) and even one to one (1:1) ratios during more challenging surf conditions.  We generally rotate younger kids, and surf them one on one (1:1).

Campers thrive when they receive personalized attention and mentoring from our expertly trained team.  They assimilate the information and techniques better, faster and more safely, which translates into a higher level of confidence and performance.  Students also improve communication skills, increase participation and feel they matter.

Although our staff guides individual students, they also are vigilant to maintain a group mentality.  Students learn to encourage and support one another, which develops friendships and trust.  We’ve seen the best possible results gained by our focused coaching ratio.  The results speak for themselves.  Aloha.