Early Morning Advanced Surf Sessions

Rise and shine, surfers! Aqua Surf is stoked to introduce our new summer program, Dawn Patrol! Start your day with an epic surf session while conditions are best and before the rest of the world even wakes up. With advanced surf instruction both in the water and on the sand before each session, you’ll get the practice and feedback to boost skills to the next level. Don’t miss out on the early morning glass – join us for Dawn Patrol!

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Dawn Patrol Surf Camp Los Angeles

Our Goal:

For surfers taking part in Dawn Patrol sessions, our goal is to further develop their surfing technique and more importantly to prepare them to be safe independent surfers for their surfing journey beyond surf camp. Skills covered range from learning to read the surf forecast, evaluating conditions, reading waves, trying different boards, surf vocabulary and maneuvers such as bottom turns, cutbacks, snaps, floaters, etc.

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The Dawn Patrol program is for intermediate to advanced level surfers ages 9-17 who are excited to practice their skills, receive feedback from experienced instructors, and most importantly gain confidence in navigating the ocean as a surfer.

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Program Schedule

Monday – Friday
June 12th – September 1st
7:15-7:30Arrival & Warm Up
7:30am – 9amSurf Session
9:00 – 9:15Change and Pick Up time


Santa Monica
(Lifeguard Tower 28)
Pacific Palisades
(Will Rogers Beach, Tower 15)
Manhattan Beach
(El Porto, Tower 45)
Redondo Beach
( The Ramp near Perry’s)


$85Per Day
10 – 19 Days5% OFF
20+ Days10% OFF
$395By-the-Week ~ Monday-Friday (consecutive)
3+ weeks5% OFF


Q: Can my camper go to Dawn Patrol and then stay for surf camp?

A: Absolutely, Dawn Patrol is a great way to make the most of the day and get more time in the water before surf camp. We do require that parents pack extra food and water though as campers should be eating a nutritious snack or meal between sessions.

Q: How do I register my surfer for Dawn Patrol?

A: The process is the same as registering for surf camp. You can purchase Dawn Patrol Credits (By-the-day or by-the-week) to reserve your dates OR you can use half day camp credits to reserve Dawn Patrol sessions.

Q: Is my child ready for Dawn Patrol?

A: We recommend doing a session at surf camp and asking one of our surf instructors, they’ll know from working with the surf campers where they’re at in their surfing progression and if they are independent enough for Dawn Patrol. An easy indicator is if they are “surfing on the outside” or “with the outside group at camp.” This is when surfers catch their waves from outside of the impact zone (where waves break) instead of “inside” in the white water.

Q: What is the difference between Dawn patrol and a regular session of surf camp?

A: The early morning Dawn Patrol sessions will have a more specific focus on advanced surfing skills, conditions analysis, and feedback from experienced instructors.