Teen Leadership Program in Los Angeles

Empower your teen with leadership skills through surfing and outdoor activities! Explore our enhanced CIT Program designed for teens ages 12-16.

CIT Program Introduction

The Aqua Surf CIT Program is an enhanced surf camp experience tailored for teens aged 12-16. Under the guidance of a dedicated CIT Director, the program goes beyond surfing, offering teens the opportunity to explore leadership, responsibility, develop ocean water safety knowledge, and foster personal growth. Daily challenges and responsibilities provide avenues for building connections with fellow CITs, Aqua Surf Staff, and campers. Balancing the thrill of improving surfing skills, this program offers a genuine blend of camaraderie and self-discovery on the sand while building essential soft skills crucial for young adults.

We aim for teens who complete the Aqua Surf CIT program to make a positive impact within our community and, if interested, have the first opportunity to interview for available staff positions. The CIT program provides core values and prerequisites required for staff roles, including ocean safety fundamentals, teamwork, encouragement, and how to be a positive role model.

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2024 Available Dates: 

  • June 17th – 21st
  • June 24th – 28th
  • July 15th – 19th
  • July 22nd – 26th
  • August 5th – 9th
  • August 12th – 16th

Our CIT program provides teens many opportunities to achieve workplace goals.  In addition, teens experience diverse roles, and important responsibilities as they develop, mature, and progress within our program.  *Application Process Required for Consideration*

*Teen Leadership (CIT) Program

Level / Age / Price / Spots Available

CIT (1) Level One  (ages 12-13) / $700 / 9 spots

  • Intro to:  responsibility & accountability within an education environment
  • Intro to:  teamwork & effective communication with group projects
  • Intro to:  ocean skills: rip current identification, safety & response techniques

CIT (2) Level Two (ages 13-14) / $600 / 9 spots

  • Leadership (beginner) roles for:  beach games & groups
  • Intro to:  leadership communication skills
  • Intro to:  beach skills: leading activities & land safety techniques

CIT (3) Level Three (ages 14-15) / $550 / 9 spots

  • Ocean management responsibilities for swim groups
  • Intermediate: water safety skills, understanding & adapting with ocean conditions
  • Intro to surfing instruction (beach and ocean)

CIT (4) Leaders (ages 15-16) / $500 / 5 spots

  • Ocean Skill:  AQUA Glide Instruction Technique
  • Advanced:  Ocean Safety Technique & Test
  • Intro to: Lifeguarding Techniques & Prevention

Important Policy & Requirements: 

Full Week Programs:  These programs are meticulously crafted to offer a comprehensive experience throughout the entire week.  There are no drop-in days, transferability of individual dates, or makeup days.  Due to the limited spots available, refunds, reschedules, or credits will not be considered.

Punctuality Commitment:  Both parents and teens are dedicated to arriving on time.  Punctuality will be strictly adhered to, and three late arrivals will result in dismissal from the program without refund or credit.

Code of Conduct Agreement:  CIT Program participants must read, agree to, and adhere to Aqua Surf School’s Teen Leadership Code of Conduct.  This code outlines expectations for behavior, respect, and cooperation during the program.  A positive and supportive atmosphere is crucial for the success of our teen leadership initiatives.

Cancellations, Refunds & Reschedules:  Unfortunately, due to the limited spots available, we are unable to accommodate cancellations, refunds, credits, or reschedules.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these policies, as they contribute to a positive and focused environment for everyone involved.

These programs aim to provide a structured and engaging experience for teens, fostering leadership, communication, and valuable life skills.  Parents can be assured that their teens will gain practical knowledge and personal development in a safe and supportive environment.

*Application Process (required)

At Aqua Surf School, we are committed to providing a meaningful and enriching experience for teens ages 12-16 through our Teen Leadership Program, which includes our exclusive CIT Program. To ensure the creation of a dynamic and focused environment, we’ve instituted a comprehensive application process as an integral part of the registration. This process is crucial given the limited space in the program, and we are seeking serious applicants committed to personal growth, leadership development, and embracing the responsibilities associated with being a CIT.

Key Information:

  • Both teens and parents are required to fill out an application for program consideration.
  • The application process is designed to select dedicated individuals focused on personal growth and leadership.
  • Limited space is available, making it essential for applicants to carefully consider their motivations and aspirations.

We appreciate the dedication of our applicants and eagerly anticipate selecting individuals who will positively contribute to our community and make the most of this unique opportunity.

*Given our limited availability, we carefully review each application to select participants based on the responses provided by both parents and teens. Only once accepted will we send you an invoice to pay for the program. You will have 5 business days to complete payment once accepted. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to this process.

Curriculum & Take-Aways

  • Leadership Development: Our program cultivates leadership skills in a fun and supportive environment. Through interactive activities with peers, surf campers, and our experienced staff, CITs grow as leaders.
  • Positive Role Models: We believe in hiring and shaping positive role models in our community. Our curriculum includes defining and challenging our CITs to embody the qualities that make a positive influence.
  • Ocean Water Safety: We introduce practical ocean water safety techniques used by our staff and other ocean professionals to develop a further understanding of responsibility and respect for the ocean.
  • Daily Challenges: Each day brings new challenges that push CITs to grow. These carefully crafted assignments foster growth, resilience, and a rewarding summer at the beach.
  • Reflection: Regular group reflection sessions provide a platform for CITs to share experiences, reinforce learning opportunities, and learn from one another and their CIT directors.
  • Surf Mastery: Our program includes dedicated time to improve surfing skills, turning each participant into a better surfer by the end of the program.
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